Update Version 5.5.0


Update Information for Version 5.5.0

What's New:

- Removal and addition of some Achievements. *1
- Weekly Challenge Discontinued.
- Multiplayer functions (Co-op Battle, VS Battle) discontinued.
- Skill changes related to Summon Points. *2
- Eidolon enhancement function discontinued. *3
- Changed number of team presets to 15.
- Added scenarios in Trading Post.
- Changed condition of unlocking scenarios in the Trading Post. *4
- Relocated the Shop to the [Tavern], and partial UI changes. *5
- Changed World Map. *6
- Specification changes to the WebView. *7
- Minor bug fixes

*1 Please note that achievements awards for deleted achievements may not be collected, regardless of your current completion status.
*2 Changes have been made to characters and companions who have the Summon Point Amp skill. For more information please refer to the announcement on 10/2.
*3 Please note that Eidolon's can no longer be used in battle following the discontinuation of Multiplayer.
*4 All Trading Post scenarios have been unlocked regardless of your current trading status. Check out the book symbol on the top left corner of the [Trading Post].
*5 The [Shop] has been relocated from the main menu to the [Tavern]. In addition, the [Huntland]--a series of quests aimed for material collection--has been added to the main menu. The [Huntland] will be partially unlocked after 10/9/2018 at 5:00PM PDT.
*6 Metal Zone and Hunting Zone have been removed from the World Map. Metal Zone and Hunting Zone will be unlocked in the [Huntland] after 10/9/2018 at 5:00PM PDT.
*7 Under some operating systems, the [News], [Credits] and [License] will open in a separate browser. Additionally, under iOS11.3 and below, some portion of the screen may not display properly. In this case, please update to the latest OS.

Details regarding the new features in Ver.5.5.0 will be communicated tomorrow. Details will be coming in a separate notice.

Thank you for playing Terra Battle.