New Content in Version 5.5.0


The following content implemented in Version 5.5.0 has been unlocked:

What's New:

- Chapter 39 to 42 added to the World Map.
- Added New Quest [Melting Pot: Beastfolk] *1
- Added New Quest [Melting Pot: Human] *1
- Added New Quest [A Chance Encounter With Sarah] *2
- Added New Character "Sarah" *2
- Added Eidolon Single Quests.
- Changed each [Monster Strikes Back] quest to a single phase.
- Changed the quest type from normal to unlock type at the [Tower of Temptation].
- Event Quests and Special Collab Quests will receive permanent installment. *3
- Changed companion stock limit to 1000.
- Changed Trading Post specification, and added new items. *4
- Changed Metal Zone specifications. *5
- Changed Daily Quest Specifications. *6
- Added [Country Selection] upon logging in for the first time after the update. *7
- Added video advertisement. *8
- Removed in-game [Event Schedules].
- Limited Edition characters from Special Quests added to the [Tavern]. *9
- Eidolon list relocation to [Option].
- Fixed bugs

*1 For more details regarding the additional date for newly quest [Melting Pot: Beastfolk] and [Melting Pot: Human], please refer to the separate notice.
*2 For more details regarding the additional date for newly quest [A Chance Encounter With Sarah] and newly character "Sarah", please refer to the separate notice.
*3 Event Quests, and Special Collab Quests are now permanently installed in the [Arena]>[Special Quests]. Please note that the Special Collab Quests' permanence is subject to change.
*4 Please refer to separate annoucement regarding the Trading Post specification changes.
*5 In the [Huntland] > [Metal Zone] each stage will now spawn a King. Additionally, starting a battle will consume one Metal Ticket, but even if you run out of Metal Tickets, you can still start the battle by consuming stamina.
*6 In the [Huntland] > [Daily Quest], you can play up to two quests without consuming stamina. Also, the [Yamamoto's Puzzle Quest], [Yamamoto's Puzzle Quest2] and [The Hunt for Joker] have been added to Daily Quest.
*7 A window will pop up prompting you to select your region when you login for the first time after the update. Please register your region before starting the game. Please note that if the wrong country is selected, or if the user enters false information, the user may lose access to save data according the terms of service.
*8 A video advertisement has been added, where watching them will grant Energy or a free roll at the Tavern. On iOS devices, you must first disable the targeted advertisement blocking for this function to work properly.
*9 Following the permanent installment of Special Quests, Shey, Aronne, Tronic Gal, and Senala have been added to the [Pact of Fate (Recruit w/ Energy)] and [Pact of Truty] in the [Tavern].

Thank you for playing Terra Battle.