[4th Anniversary is coming!] Limited Time Special Sale in the Trading Post #2 Starts 10/4 at 5:00PM PDT!


There will be a Special sale #2 in the [Trading Post] for a limited time only from 10/4/2018 at 5:00PM PDT*!

During this Special Sale, everything will trade for HALF the Animata items! Get high-level and metal-type Companions for a steal!

The 2nd round includes the following >>

▷ Item List

1. White Candle (Mega Heal, Area (2))
2. Storm Spirit (Tempest)
3. Shooting Star (Fancy Footwork, Self)
4. Zack (Inferno, Cross (1))
5. Lani (Glacier, Cross (1))
6. Skip (Lightning, Cross (1))
7. Pete (Abyss, Cross (1))
8. Pahrl O (Archer's Anthem, Bow)
9. Varve O (Lunacy Ward, Equip)
10. Gigojago O (Ninja Footwork, Equip)
11. Grace O (Megabow, Area (2))
12. Bahl O (Omnicutter)
13. Metal Minion ΛΛ
14. Metal Minion Λ


Character Exclusive Companion will trade for 2500 Animata Egg! Other high-level Companions will trade for half! Get Metal Minion ΛΛ for 1000, or Metal Minion Λ for 400!

You can earn Animata item by doing the [Strike Back] quests, and get the companions you want!

*During the Special Sale, limited Companions will be listed in the Trading Post.