[Important] Ver.5.5.0 Update and Service Going Forward


Thank you for playing Terra Battle.

We would like to announce some news regarding the Ver. 5.5.0 update scheduled for October, as well as information about the Terra Battle service going forward.

The Ver5.5.0 Update
After the release of the Ver.5.5.0 update on 10/08/2018 PDT, we are planning to add the final adventure quest, "Ending Quest," on 10/09/2018 PDT.

In addition, Ver5.5.0 will be the final update for Terra Battle, except for minor bug fixes.

The following are the additional planned for release:

- Add Ending Quest.
- Change Co-op Battle (Eidolon quests) to single quests.
- Discontinue multiplayer.
- Special collab quests will become permanent.
- Limited time special quests will become permanent.
- Updates to UI etc.

The Terra Battle Service Going Forward
Although the Ver.5.5.0 update will be the final update, Terra Battle service will still continue.

We will have more information on the details of the update, and exactl timing in future news announcements.

We appreciate your continuous support for Terra Battle, and look forward to seeing you in Terra Battle in the future.