Discontinuation of the In-Game Capturing Service, "Everyplay."


Thank you for playing Terra Battle.

We are planning to discontinue the in-game capturing service, "Everyplay," according to their service discontinuation on 10/01/2018. The following is the scheduled for removing the service from the game.

9/30/2018 at PM5:00 PDT
Remove all capturing function.

*Please note that the weekly challenge video bonus will not be able to utilize the "Everyplay" service after its discontinuation.

In addition, videos uploaded to every site will no longer be available after the "Everyplay" service discontinuation. If you would like to save any videos, please download them individually.

"Everyplay" Terra Battle Video Community

Please contact Everyplay support for questions regarding this matter (https://everyplay.com).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you.