[Pact of Truth & Pact of Fate] Terra Battle 2 Collab Wave #2! Increased recruit rates for limited collab characters & 10-in-a-row Event begins 6/7 5:00PM PDT!


On 6/7/2018 5:00PM PDT, we will hold the following campaigns at the [Pact of Truth] and [Pact of Fate], as part of the Terra Battle 2 Collaboration Event.

1. Limited Character Wave #2 of the Terra Battle 2 Collab: Mizury, Elga, Koh, Tsutsura and Rowlow receive bonus recruit rates among characters of the same class!






2. As an added bonus, you are guaranteed to recruit at least 1 character that is Class Z when you opt to recruit via the "10 times in a row" option!

Kimihiko Fujisaka's 5 Guardians of Terra Battle 2 appear in the Terra Battle world, and receive bonus recruit rates! In addition, you are guaranteed at least one Class Z character when you opt to recruit via the "10 times in a row" option!


Don't miss this incredible opportunity to find powerful new allies with useful skills!

* The addition of the 5 collab characters wave #2 to the Tavern is scheduled for 6/7/2018 5:00PM PDT.
* The active times of [Tavern availability] and [bonus recruit rates & 10 in a row campaign] for the 5 collab characters will differ. Please refer to the news at day of event for more details.