[Trading Post] Items Updated (Current item list available until 7/5/2018 4:59PM PDT)


Trading Post listings have been updated.

Current available items include:

- Nazuna-Exclusive Companion: Nazuna O *1
(Skill: Disarm Kinetic Trap, Equip)

- Sh'berdan-Exclusive Companion: Sh'berdan O *2
(Skill: Rift Ward, Equip)

- A'merpact-Exclusive Companion: A'merpact O *3
(Skill: Icebind, Diamond)

- Class A Companion: Skip
(Skill: Lightning, Cross (1))


Items at the Trading Post are only available for a limited time. Check in often so you won't miss anything! *4

You can also find Pepropé's exclusive side story at the Trading Post. Get it while it lasts!

*1 Companion Nazuna O can only be equipped by Nazuna and Nazuna Λ.
*2 Companion Sh'berdan O can only be equipped by Sh'berdan and Sh'berdan Λ.
*3 Companion A'merpact O can only be equipped by A'merpact and A'merpact Λ.
*4 Current items will be available until 7/5/2018 4:59PM PDT.