Special Quest [The Death of Shay and Arionne] Now Available! Ends 7/26/2018 at 4:59PM PDT.


The Special Quest [The Death of Shay and Arionne] is now available from 6/28/2018 at 5:00PM until 7/26/2018 at 4:59PM PDT!

The dream-team comes to life! The story was written by Yasumi Matsuno. And the BGM composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, with Isamu Kamikokuryo designing the characters for an amazing experience!

Upon completing the Chapter 25 of the Main Quest, the Special Quest, [The Death of Shay and Arionne] will be available through the "To another world" on the World Map.


The Quest will feature 5 Chapters in total, beginning with "Chapter 1: The Rusty Swordsman." When the conditions in the Chapter 1 are met, the next story will be unlocked. Furthermore, players will be able to unlock the Class S Character, Morgana in the final battle.

Morgana Class S
A bonafide weapon - equipped with missiles and lasers, her offensive capacity knows no limits.

JOB1: Morgana V1.0
LV90 HP: 3247
Attack: 321 / Defence: 256 / Magic Attack: 321 / Magic Defence: 256
Attack +10%, Self
Laser Counterattack, 1 Row

JOB2: Morgana V2.0
LV90 HP: 3834
Attack: 348 / Defence: 284 / Magic Attack: 384 / Magic Defence: 284
Attack +10%, Equip
Frequency +10%, Equip
Synergy Wave, Lateral (2)

JOB3: Morgana V3.0
LV90 HP: 4366
Attack: 376 / Defence: 311 / Magic Attack: 376 / Magic Defence: 311
Laser Counterattack, 1 Column
Synergy Wave, Vertical (2)


Earl Diacroix, and his loyal knight, Shay Aldour. Under suspicion of murdering the Earl's niece, Pepropé orders his protection to a group of adventurers. But why...?

Look forward to the Special Quest, [The Death of Shay and Arionne]!

* "The Death of Shay and Arionne" requires the player complete all 25 Chapters of the main quest to enter.
* Upon completing the Quest, the quest will be added to [Options] > [Story], so you can enjoy the world and story anytime you want.