Terra Battle 2 Collaboration #2! 5 collab characters arrive at the Tavern for a limited time! Ends 6/21/2018 4:59PM PDT.


From 6/7/2018 5:00PM to 6/21/2018 4:59PM PDT, Mizury, Elga, Koh, Tsutsura and Rowlow will be hanging out at the Tavern for a limited time, as character wave #2 of the Terra Battle 2 Collaboration Event!


Mizury Class Z Staff / Heal
She's a hard worker every step of the way. This Sorceress in training once hitchhiked across the continent.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 4765
Attack: 245 / Defence: 336 / Magic Attack: 518 / Magic Defence: 527
Magic Defense +10%, Equip
Heal, All
Tera Heal, Chain
Control Time +3 Sec, All

Elga Class Z Sword
The dweller of heat and stone meditates daily to obtain the unmovable soul.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 6229
Attack: 482 / Defence: 438 / Magic Attack: 263 / Magic Defence: 301
Attack +10%, Equip

Koh Class SS Sword / Fire
Life, Loyalty, and Spirit. This young knight inherited the throne at childhood.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 5434
Attack: 348 / Defence: 321 / Magic Attack: 403 / Magic Defence: 376
Magic Attack +10%, Equip
Control Time +2 Sec, Equip
Inferno Blade, 1 Row
Big Bang Blade

Tsutsura Class Z Staff / Ice
She both hates and desires mankind. A mysterious woman without a hint of spirit.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 5757
Attack: 236 / Defence: 281 / Magic Attack: 536 / Magic Defence: 472
Magic Attack +10%, Equip
Glacier, Pincer Area (1)
Magic Bomb, Chain
Negatemp, Pincer Area (1)

Rowlow Class Z Staff
A young master with the ability to see the future, and instantly evaluate one's wit.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 5736
Attack: 236 / Defence: 309 / Magic Attack: 563 / Magic Defence: 454
HP +10%, Equip
Ultima, Pincer Area (1)
X-Treme, Pincer Area (1)
Augment Magic, 3 charges

Look forward to embarking on a new journey with these powerful allies!

* Mizury, Elga, Koh, Tsutsura and Rowlow will be added in the Tavern's [Pact of Truth] and [Pact of Fate (recruit with energy] between 6/7/2018 5:00PM to 6/21/2018 4:59PM PDT.
* The active times of [Tavern availability] and [bonus recruit rates & 10 in a row campaign] for the 5 collab characters will differ. Please refer to the news at day of event for more details.
* The addition of Wave #1 of Collab Characters to the tavern: Lew, Ryoma, Djagos, Roland, and Chirol, has ended on 6/7/2018 at 4:59PM PDT.