Terra Battle 2 Collaboration Begins! 5 collab characters arrive at the Tavern for a limited time! Ends 6/7/2018 4:59PM PDT.


From 5/24/2018 5:00PM to 6/7/2018 4:59PM PDT, Lew, Ryoma, Djagos, Roland, and Chirol will be hanging out at the Tavern for a limited time, as character wave #1 of the Terra Battle 2 Collaboration Event!


Lew Class SS Staff / Heal
Born in a wine warehouse, the young sorceress opens a bottle dayly, heals the wounded.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 4504
Attack: 229 / Defence: 284 / Magic Attack: 458 / Magic Defence: 421
HP+10%, Equip
Giga Heal, Chain
Tera heal, Chain
Revive 100% HP, Equip

Ryoma Class Z Sword
A stubborn swordsmith. An unapproachable potty mouth with a keen eyesight.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 5884
Attack: 436 / Defence: 400 / Magic Attack: 418 / Magic Defence: 372
HP+10%, Equip
Ultima & Sword
Astral & Sword
X-treme & Sword

Djagos Class Z Staff / Fire
She seems like a stalwart soldier at first, but this sorcerer likes to let loose and enjoys chaos.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 5829
Attack: 245 / Defence: 272 / Magic Attack: 527 / Magic Defence: 482
Magic Attack +10%, Equip
Inferno, Pincer Area (1)
Magic Bomb, Chain
Big Bang, Pincer Area (1)

Roland Class SS Bow / Photon & Darkness
A scholar has an affinity for square shapes, and likes to approach things geometrically.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 5247
Attack: 357 / Defence: 339 / Magic Attack: 412 / Magic Defence: 366
Abyss Arrows
Shadow Arrows, Area (1)
Dark Matter Arrows
Oblivion Arrows

Chirol Class Z Staff / Gravity
This magic war machine was created to control time and space using its sophisticated technology it carries on its large head.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 6039
Attack: 245 / Defence: 301 / Magic Attack: 554 / Magic Defence: 447
Magic Defense +10%, Equip
Crush, Pincer Ring
Supergravity, Pincer Area (1)
Axion, Pincer Area (1)

Look forward to embarking on a new journey with these powerful allies!

* Lew, Ryoma, Djagos, Roland, and Chirol will be added in the Tavern's [Pact of Truth] and [Pact of Fate (recruit with energy)] between 5/24/2018 5:00PM to 6/7/2018 4:59PM PDT.
* The active times of [Tavern availability] and [bonus recruit rates & 10 in a row campaign] for the 5 collab characters will differ. Please refer to the news at day of event for more details.