A New Quest [Melting Pot: Lizardfolk] Comes to the Arena!(Until 5/15/2018 PM4:59 PDT)


A new quest, [Melting Pot: Lizardfolk], will be available from 5/1/2018 PM5:00 to 5/15/2018 PM4:59 (PDT) in the Arena!

[Melting Pot: Lizardfolk] is comprised of 15 stages with varying difficulty. Starting from level 15, clearing a level will unlock the next.


You can win item rewards according to the number of times cleared, or by meeting certain criteria. Also, rumor has it that running into the Coin Creep Pot during battle will bring you fortune...!?


During your adventure, familiar lizardfolk such as Y'apkar and Sh'berdan will appear as bosses. To add to the challenge, some bosses may drop Special Companions, so defeat the enemies that stand in your way, and get your hands on those Companions!


The Melting Pot is a place where all sorts adventurers gather. We'll see you there!

* Please refer to the News and our Terra Battle official SNS posts for details regarding each quest reward.