4 New Characters arrive with powerful skills!


4 new characters: [Gigojago Λ], [Renova], [Lio], and [Varve] appaer with powerful skills! Gigojago is now available for DNA Recoding.


Gigohago Λ Class Z / Bow
Guided by the orbitting stars, his arrows pierce his enemies after weakening them with Impair All!
LV90 HP: 6075
Attac: 491 / Defence: 418 / Magic Attack: 463 / Magic Defence: 372
Dizzy Arrow, All
Impair All, 3 charges

Renova Class Z Staff / Solar
The Beastfolk Sorceress opens the door of light with her giant key and shines Solar Magic upon her enemies.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 5866
Attack: 263 / Defence: 318 / Magic Attack: 627 / Magic Defence: 472
Anti-Lunar Shield, Equip
Control Time +4 Sec, Equip
Thermo Fusion, Pincer Area (1)
Solar Flare, Pincer Area (1)

Lio Class Z Staff / Lunar
Not even silence can withstand this elegant sharpshooter's arrows, bestowed with the power of Lunar.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 6039
Attack: 427 / Defence: 445 / Magic Attack: 454 / Magic Defence: 463
Scorch Guard, Equip
Moonlight & Arrows, Ring
Frigid Moon & Arrows
Full Moon & Arrows

Varve Class Z Staff / Solar
Chosen by the spirit that dwells in the spear, this young lad of seduction pierces enemies with Solar magic.
JOB3 LV90 HP: 5751
Attack: 381 / Defence: 409 / Magic Attack: 500 / Magic Defence: 482
Status Guard, Equip
Sunlight Strike, Pincer Column
Corona Strike, Pincer Row
Solar Flare Strike

Recruit them to add some variety to your adventure!

* Gigojago Λ is available in the [Pact of Truth] and [Pact of Fate (Recruit with Energy)] in the [Tavern] for a limited time, between 4/26/2018 at 5:00PM and 5/2/2018 at 4:59PM PDT. After the campaign is over, they are available only through [DNA Recode].
* Renova, Lio and Varve are now added to [Pact of Truth] and [Pact of Fate (Except pact with Coins)].