Encounter With a New Adversary...! New Quest, [Ultimate Five] arrives!


New adversaries stand against the adventurers...! The new quest [Ultimate Five] arrives today, 2/28/2018, at 4PM PST!

The new quest [Ultimate Five] arrives on the map as [To another world] after clearing Chapter 19 of the Main Quest. The quest is composed of 5 quests: Solar, Photon, Graviton, Lunar, and Physical, where clearing one quest unlocks the next quest.

▽▲ Garuda ▲▽
The Solar attribute [Garuda] is weak against Lunar and Ice attributes. Take on the burning sun!

▽▲ Gatekeeper ▲▽
The Photon attribute [Gatekeeper] is weak against Graviton and Darkness attributes. Watch out for Fotoloth, which can generate Barbed Light!

▽▲ Quyat ▲▽
The Graviton attribute [Quyat] is weak against Photon and Lightning attributes. Strategically dodge the Quyat Fists that will fall on flashing grounds!

▽▲ Apostolos ▲▽
The Lunar attribute [Apostolos] is weak against Solar and Fire attributes. Deal damage by melting the hard-frozen ice barrier!

▽▲ Agartha ▲▽
Get physical against [Agartha] who uses Physical attacks! Don't forget to come prepared for poison attacks too!

When you clear a quest you can obtain [Special Companions] that will help you defeat each boss, with respect to their attributes and strategy.


Form an effective team for each quest and challenge the new foes!

※ The [Ultimate Five] quest is a permanent installment.


Furthermore...! At the end of March, 2018, [Ultimate Five (Hard Mode)] is also scheduled for arrival! Train your characters well and face off against even more powerful enemies!


For more details please refer to the news at the time of implementation. I hope you continue to enjoy Terra Battle.