【Important】Display of Character/Companion recruitment rates, and discontinuing of DNA Recode Character recruitments.


Thank you for playing Terra Battle.

As of 2/28/2018 4:00PM PST, for iOS and Android versions of Terra Battle, we will begin displaying Character/Companion recruitment rates at the Tavern's [Recruit] and [Event] sections.

You can see the recruitment rates via the [Lineup] button. The [Lineup] will change depending on the active Event and your character roster completion rate, so be sure to check it out periodically.

Additionally, as of 2/28/2018 4:00PM PST, please be aware the we will be removing all DNA Recode characters from [Pact of Truth], [Pact of Fate (recruit with energy)], and [Pact of Hope] recruitment pools. ※1

In order for our users to further enjoy the game, we are planning to hold more events for you to hunt down DNA Recode items, as well as re-evaluate the costs of DNA Recode items in the [Trading Post] through future updates. ※2

Thank you for your continued support for Terra Battle.

※1 DNA Recode characters may still be added as part of a limited time campaign in the Tavern's [Recruit] section. Additionally, a DNA Recode character may be listed in the character selection list of a campaign's [Pact of Hope] as a featured character.
※2 Details regarding events and changes in the Trading Post will be communicated through future news announcements.