Get the Companions you Wanted: "Companions of Hope" starting 10/12/2017 at 5:00PM (PDT)!


Keep an Eye Out for the Campaign: "Companions of Hope" in the Tavern starting 10/12/2017 at 5:00PM (PDT)!

During the campaign, players will be able to bundle: 1. choosing a Companion of their choice from the designated list and 2. rolling 10 times for 15 Energy (*1) as an added bonus. In other words, you get 11 Companions with 15 Energy!

The 4th round includes the following:

1013_icongran.png Grand Rune (Teraspear)hope_new.png
1013_iconpiz.png Piz'fer's Staff (Negatemp, Pincer Area (1))hope_new.png

Whitewyrm Wand (Tera Heal, Chain)
Ribbon (Ribbon, Self)
Ragnarok (Petasword) hope_new.png
Bow of Genji (Petabow)

Frog (Poison, Area (2))
Golem (Petrify, Area (2))
Faerie (Confuse, Area (2))
Hiso Alien (Demoralize, Area (2))
Demon (Death)
Rat (Paralyze, Area (2)) hope_new.png
Frog's Shield (Poison Guard, Equip)
Golem's Shield (Petrification Guard, Equip)
Fearie's Shield (Confusion Guard, Equip)
Hiso's Shield (Demoralization Guard, Equip)
Demon's Shield (Death Guard, Equip)
Rat's Shield (Paralysis Guard, Equip)hope_new.png


Who is going to help you during your adventures!? This is your chance to make a pact with that Companion you wish you had in your party!

Stay tuned for more information on the campaign.

*1 [Companions of Hope] cannot be played with the free energy.
*2 This can only be done once during the duration of the campaign.