VS Event [Runner Cup #4] has arrived!


The VS Event [Runner Cup #4] has begun and will follow the below schedule:

Runner Cup #4 Start: 8/3 11:00 PM (PDT)
Runner Cup #4 End: 8/11 5:00 PM (PDT)
Ranking announcements begin around 8/11 8:00 PM (PDT).
*Results shown until 8/13 5:00 PM (PDT).


In [Runner Cup #4], the maximum team cost is... [League B: 70] and [League A / S: 68]! The Renegade Runner will try to evade you if you get too close, but if you can defeat it, you will receive one full bar on the Powered Point gauge! Form the best possible team and join the VS Battle!

Also, Class SS Companion [Featherfoot] can be obtained by ranking in the top 50!


VS mode battles are turn-based with a maximum of six members on a team and battles ending after 20 turns.

[Basic Rules]
- All players are placed in the B League at the start of the event. (Total of 3 Leagues consisting of B > A > S.)
- Matches require the use of the dedicated VS Stamina.
- Victory points are gained by either dropping the opposing team to one or fewer members or by having more members remaining at the end of the battle.

For more details on the VS mode, please check our official website.

*Ch7 must be completed to access the VS mode.
*The ranking awards for the VS Events will be delivered to the Messages inbox in waves following the announcement of the ranking results.
*[Arena] > [VS mode] > [Private Match] will be available to play with zero VS Stamina use starting from the beginning of the Runner Cup #4 and up until the results are taken down. However, this option does not reward ranking points so please be aware.