New Class Z Character by Kimihiko Fujisaka "Tronic Gal" Added!


A new Class Z character by Kimihiko Fujisaka, Tronic Girl, can now be recruited to your party!

Tronic Gal (Staff / Solar&Lunar, Class Z)
A mysterious mechanical girl, who can control both solar and lunar powers. Little is known about her relationship to the Arachnobots.

JOB1: Typical Tronic Gal / Staff (Soler)
LV90 HP: 4724
Attack: 200 / Defence: 201 / Magic Attack: 482 / Magic Defence: 491
Sunlight, Pincer Area (1)
Anti-Lunar Shield, Equip
Corona, Pincer Area (1)
Solar Flare

JOB2: Hybrid Tronic Gal / Staff (Lunar)
LV90 HP: 5549
Attack: 236 / Defence: 256 / Magic Attack: 536 / Magic Defence: 536
Anti-Solar Shield, Equip
Moonlight, Pincer Area (1)
Luna, Pincer Area (1)
Full Moon

JOB3: Ultimate Tronic Gal / Staff
LV90 HP: 6155
Attack: 291 / Defence: 302 / Magic Attack: 591 / Magic Defence: 600
Magic Defense +10%, Equip
Control Time +4 Sec, Equip
Status Guard, Equip
Augment All, 3 charges

* Tronic Gal has been added to [Pact of Truth] and [Pact of Fate]. Output at the Tavern will last until the end of the [Arachnobot's Tale] quest at 9/10/2017 4:59 PM (PDT).