Meet the Characters You Want, with the New Campaign, Pact of Hope. (Ends 7/13/2017 at 4:59PM PDT)


The [Pact of Hope] will be available in the Tavern from 7/6/2017 at 5:00PM PDT to 7/13/2017 4:59PM PDT.

During the campaign, players will be able to bundle: 1. Choosing a Character of their choice from the designated list and 2. Rolling 10 times for 30 Purchased Energy (*1) as an added bonus. In other words, you get 11 Characters with 30 Energy!

The first list below:

▼Class Z
0707_chara_sayu.png Sayu (Photon / Staff)
0707_chara_zerro.png Zerro Λ (Darkness / Staff)

▼ Class SS
Gugba (Sword)
Gaiga (Darkness / Arrow)
Czekras (Ice / Sword)
Bajanna (Spear)
Maldor (Lightning / Staff)
Kir'ue (Photon / Spear)
Daiana Λ (Fire / Staff)
Burbaba Λ (Sword)
A'merpact Λ (Ice / Staff)

▼Class S
Zuzu (Sword)
Zafitte (ST Remedy / Staff)
Lunato (Arrow)
Lunaken (Spear)
Pupru (Arrow)
Sh'berdan Λ (Spear)
Bahl Λ (Sword)
Grace Λ (Arrow)


Find the "Campaign" in the Tavern to join the "Pact of Hope"!


But that's not all! If you roll a character you already have, it'll increase the character's Level, Skill Boost and Luck!

Spot the character you always wanted in the Tavern? Now you can recruit them to join you in your adventures!

*1 [Pact of Hope] cannot be played with the Gifted energy.
*2 After picking a Character from the list, you roll 10 times with [Pact of Hope].
*3 This campaign can only be performed once during its duration.
*4 List will vary depending on the event.
*5 Depending on the characters already in your team, you may not be able to participate in the campaign, or acquire 11 characters.
*6 Characters will a Skill Boost of 100 will not appear.