New Content in Version 4.8.0


The following content implemented in Version 4.8.0 has been unlocked:

What's New:

- Added 5 new Class Z characters *1
- Added exclusive Companions for 5 new characters
- Added new elements [Solar] and [Lunar]
- Added [Royal Rings Descended] quests. *2
- Added the new [Leviathan] Eidolons Quest to the Co-op Battle Arena. *3
- Increased max companion count to 700
- Free Energy will now be spent first when consuming Energy *4
- Fixed minor bugs.

*1 Details on the 5 new Class Z characters will be announced in upcoming posts
*2 More updates on the New Quest, [Royal Rings Descended] will be coming soon, including active days and details.
*3 The first appearance of the Eidolon [Leviathan] is planned for 7/3/2017 at 5:00 PM (PDT). More updates on the new Eidolons Quest, [Leviathan] will become available as the event begins.
*4 Previously, when consuming Energy, Purchased Energy was being used first. This has now been changed so that Free Energy is prioritized. You can check how much Energy of each type you have in [User Info].

- Update Warning -
Players will not be able to play Co-op Mode with each other if their app versions do not match. If you experience difficulties finding your friend's Room, please confirm your version numbers.

Thanks for enjoying Terra Battle.