Code of Conduct and Precautions While Playing The Game


Thank you for playing "TERRA BATTLE".

To help everyone continue to enjoy playing "TERRA BATTLE", please follow the terms of use and refrain from harrassment and violations.
In the case of apparent harassment or violation, we may put restrictions on your account.

[Examples of harassment and violation]

- Unjustifiable defamations including abuse, threats, and personal insults.
- Fraudulently earning rewards and battle records by colluding with other users.
- Fraudulently earning rewards and battle records by using multiple accounts.
- Intentionally earning battle records by analyzing and tampering with the game programs, the network communication data, or any actions that disturb other users.

For more detailed information, please refer to the "Terms of Use" on the official website. (http://www.mistwalkercorp.com/jp/games/terms/)
If you discover users who violate any of the items in the terms of use, please report such violations through the "Comments / Contact Us" on the support page.

Thank you for your continued support for TERRA BATTLE!