New Content in Version 4.4.0


The following content implemented in Version 4.4.0 has been unlocked:

What's New:

- Added [Vengeful Heart] quest.
- Added [Strike Back] quest. *1
- Added more characters to Recode feature. *2
- Added new items.
- Added Companions.
- Added lock feature to Companions. *3
- Added new filters to Companion sort options. *4
- Changed max item hold limit to 99,999.
- Made it possible to get Metal Minion ΛΛ by evolving 3 Metal Minion Λ.
- Added [Orbling Nest] to World Map. *5
- Changed Ba'gunar's starting level to 15 when joining your party after clearing chapter 4 of the main quest.
- New daily quest [Lucky Orbling] *6

*1 Future posts regarding the [Strike Back] quests will contain further details.
*2 New characters will be available at different times for the Pact of Truth, Pact of Fate, and Recode feature.
*3 A lock mark has been added to the Companions details screen in the top right corner. When you set a Companion to Locked, you won't be able to sell it, evolve it, or use it as a material in upgrading.
*4 [Non-Exclusive], [Locked], and [Unlocked] sort options have been added to the Companion list.
*5 [Orbling Nest] will appear on the world map after clearing chapter 5 of the main quest. If you've already cleared chapter 5, it will be added to the world map on 11/24 at 4:00 PM PST. After that, you can select Orbling Nest at any time, any number of times.
*6. [Lucky Orbling] daily quest begins 11/30, 4:00PM (PST).

- Update Warning -
Players will not be able to play Co-op Mode with each other if their app versions do not match. If you experience difficulties finding your friend's Room, please confirm your version numbers.

Thanks for enjoying Terra Battle.