New Content in Version 4.1.0


The following content implemented in Version 4.1.0 has been unlocked:

New Content
- New title screen
- Chapter 35 added to the World Map
- Shin'en Λ & Mutoh Λ quests added to the World Map *1
- More characters now available for recoding *2
- [Strike Back] quests added *3
- [Trading Post] added *4
- Metal Zone 7 added
- Closed Metal Zones can now be opened by using Energy *5
- New items
- Increased max item count to 9999
- Increased max companion count to 500
- Adjusted EXP yield for Metal Zones 1-6
- Energy inventory details *6

*1 Shin'en Λ & Mutoh Λ quests will be unlocked when certain conditions are met.
*2 New recordable characters will be available at different times for Pact of Truth and recode.
*3 New posts regarding the [Strike Back] quests will contain further details.
*4 The Trading Post will be added to the Tavern once the [Strike Back] quests are open.
*5 1 Energy will open all unlocked Metal Zones on the World Map for 1 hour (the higher level Metal Zones must be first unlocked by completing the Main Quest).
*6 *Details of free and purchased Energy can be viewed under [Options] > [User Info]

Update Warning
Players will not be able to play Co-op Mode with each other if their app versions do not match. If you experience difficulties finding your friend's Room, please confirm your version numbers.

Thanks for enjoying Terra Battle.