[Spring Support Event] Enjoy free items and companions that will help boost your party during this spring event!


From now until 6/5/2016 4:59PM, we will be giving away daily items or companions that will help your party in their ongoing adventures. Please see below for details:


1. Metal Minion Λ
2. EXPBoost
3. Tears Items (1 each)
4. COIN Boost
5. Particle Items (1 each)
6. Metal Minion Λ
7. Metal Minion ΛΛ
8. Time Extension
9. Metal Minion Λ
10. Rare Metals (Orichalcum, Dark Matter *1 each)
11. Metal Minion Λ
12. Rare Metals (Animaton, Oxsecium *1 each)
13. Disarmer
14. 6,000 Coins
* Items will cycle after 2 weeks.

No login necessary. Items & companions will be sent via in-game messages.
Thanks for enjoying Terra Battle!

*Date changes occur at 12 AM (5 PM PDT) in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
* In-game messages will be deleted after 14 days, or the oldest messages will be deleted in order once you exceed 50 messages (whichever applies first).