[Additional features to help out new players!] Stamina cost reduced to 1 for Chapters 1 through 5. Extra items acquired when you complete a Chapter.


Starting in version 4.0.0, the following features have been implemented to help give new players a boost.

- No. 1
The first 5 chapters' stamina costs are now reduced to 1. Now you can continue playing for as long as you want without having to worry about stamina running out!

- No.2
Now you receive extra items when you complete Chapters 6 through 10.

Ch 6: Companion Ticket x3
Ch 7: Metal Ticket x2
Ch 8: Companion Ticket x3
Ch 9: Metal Ticket x2
Ch 10: Companion Ticket x4

Additionally, you will be offered to recruit via the [Companion of Truth] "10 times in a row" after completing Chapter 10. Don't miss out on a chance to gain useful companions!

*Items will be provided via in-game messages.
*Only applicable when you first complete a chapter.

Good luck on your adventures!