[2/28/2016: Correction the schedule of Edion Raijin] New Content in Version 3.7.0


Thank you for your continued support of Terra Battle.

The first appearance of the Eidolon Raijin which had announced in the last notice was incorrect. The first appearance is planned for 3/7/2016 4PM, not 2/29/2016 4PM(PST).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused this issue.
Thanks for enjoying Terra Battle.


The following content implemented in Version 3.7.0 has been unlocked:

New Content
- Added 4 Companions to the [Companions of Truth] *1
- Added 1 Character available to DNA Recode *1
- Added Raijin Quest to [Co-op Battle] *2
- Added [Yamamoto's Puzzle Quest] and [The Captive Golem] Quests to [Arena]

*1. Please check the dedicated notice for details on the newly added Companions and DNA Recode Character.
*2. The first appearanct of the Eidolon Raijin is planned for 2/29/2016 at 4:00 PM (PST). This quest will be available via [Arena] > [Co-op Mode] > [Quest]. The start date will be announced in a later notice.
*3. The [The Captive Golem] Quest is also planned for the near future. Please stay tuned for further details.

<Update Warnings>
If their application versions do not match, players will not be able to play Co-op Mode with each other.
If you experience difficulties finding your friend's Room, please confirm your version numbers.

Thanks for enjoying Terra Battle.