New Features in Version 2.8.0


The following features implemented in Version 2.8.0 have been unlocked:

New Content
- Added Recode DNA availability to 4 characters.
- Adjusted Rankings display for Weekly Challenge.

<About Recode DNA availability>
Adventurers Alika, Gegonago, Pupropé, and Rejin may now have their DNA Recoded. These 4 Recoded Characters are also available as Recruits via the Pact of Truth.

<About the Weekly Challenge Ranking display>
For the Top 50 ranking, the display has been changed to show the top 50 with video submissions.
If a player does not upload a video, their score will not appear in these rankings, but the ranking awards will still be given to all ranked in the top 5000 (including those who have not uploaded videos).

The above features require an update to Version 2.8.0.

Thanks for enjoying Terra Battle.