【Pact of Truth】Power-up Item Giveaway!(2015/3/17〜2015/3/22)


Recruit a warrior via the Pact of Truth and receive a special item! This special event will be held from 3/17/2015 5PM to 3/22/2015 5PM (PDT).

There are 4 types of Power-up Items.

- Time Extension: All squad members gain 2 extra seconds to maneuver.
- Disarmer: Renders floor traps and barriers harmless.
- EXP Boost: Increases EXP earned by 50%.
- Coin Boost: Increases coins earned by 50%.

You will be given one of the four items above. You can use the Power-up items not only in the main quest, but in the metal and hunting zones. Recruit some powerful new friends and take advantage of these helpful items!