Ver 2.0.0 Patch Notes


Update Information for Ver. 2.0.0:

- Added Co-Op mode (1)
- Added the option to change User Name (2)
- Added a feature to the Metal Zones which allows players to distribute the EXP points on the result screen after a battle.
- In Metal Zones 3-5, the EXP level for the Metal Orbling King has increased.
- Added event data
- Added character data
- Fixed minor bugs

(1) A separate notice will be sent to inform players when Co-Op mode is activated.
Co-Op mode might not be available immediately after the update. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

(2) This option will be available at the same time as Co-Op mode.
From the main menu, tap Options -> User Info -> Change User Name.

Thank you for enjoying Terra Battle.