Game System

"Flank enemies by freely moving your characters across the battlefield. "

Defeat your foes by moving across the grid and swapping positions
with other friendly units to prepare a devastating pincer attack.

"Setup a combo with your allied units to obliterate your foes."

Combos are triggered by strategically positioning your characters.
Combine these with bonus items found on the map to deal extra damage!

"Optimize your characters by customizing their jobs and skills."

Choose from three different job paths for each unit.
Combine these with your newly acquired skills to create the perfect mercenary to suite your unique battle plans.

"Experience an expansive world with hundreds of maps and characters."

Achieve victory to unravel the many mysteries of this realm.
Enemies with unique characteristics will assail you across countless battlefields.

“Experience a timeless score by industry legend, Nobuo Uematsu.”

Nobuo Uematsu has crafted a gorgeous soundscape to accent the world of Terra Battle.
His music brings depth to the story and a dynamic charge to the battles.