During Game Playing

I can't see my "Energy" purchases reflected in game.

It might take a time for purchased "Energy" to appear in-game. Please restart the application to see if it has been reflected.

If you do not see it, please check the following:

[App Store (iOS)]
Please check the Email receipt sent from the iTunes Store. You may also review your iTunes purchase history.

< How to check iTunes purchase history >

[Google Play (Android)]
Please check the Email receipt sent from Google Wallet. You may also review your Google Wallet order information here. ( http://wallet.google.com/manage )

< How to check Google Wallet order information >


If you do not receive an Email from Google Wallet or see the purchase in your history, it may not have been completed. Please report the issue to customer support.

*If you made multiple purchases in the same day, please make sure you are reviewing the correct one.