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Terra Battle live concert; Start production of battle scene illustrations; Start development of VS battle mode

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Terra Battle live concert

We are proud to present a live concert featuring Mr. Uematsu. I've asked him to perform music not only from Terra Battle, but also from other games that we've worked on in the past.
A few lucky players will be invited to attend this exclusive live concert.
We'll announce the details once they are confirmed.

Start production of attack illustrations for battle scenes

We would like to add variations to the art that appears when you sandwich an enemy for attack.
There are multiple characters, and with their job change variations, the workload is massive. Despite the challenge, we'll complete them with the utmost care.

Start development of VS battle mode

We are looking into using Bluetooth technology to battle with nearby friends.
We'll craft the system carefully to make sure we come up with something fun.

* Please note that characters, new features, and others are not added to Terra Battle as soon as the target number of downloads achivement. We will announce the progress through in-game information or the official site.